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What is Astrology?
Astrology is a complex art and science that applies symbolic meaning to astronomical information as it existed over 2000 thousand years ago when the practice of Astrology was first documented in writing by ancient astronomers and astrologers.

Western or Tropical astrologers use the ancient positions of constellations and Sidereal (aka Vedic or Hindu) astrologers use current astrological positions. The two systems are very different but work equally well.

Natal Chart - Astrologers begin by erecting a natal chart, or horoscope, based on the date, time, and place you were born.

Astrology and Birth Time - The accuracy of your astrological chart is very dependant on knowing accurately the exact birth time. This is used to calculate the planetary positions and the Ascendant (Rising Sign) to the exact degree and minute. That calculation then determines the degree on midheaven and all of the house cusps. Without an accurate birth time, interpretations and forecasts are invariably incorrect.

Selecting a House System - Natal charts are divided into 12  sections called 'houses' that indicate the different areas of interest and activity in your life. How those 'houses' are divided depends on the House System you use. There are over 8 major House Systems in use around the world, but there are three common in the west - Placius, Koch ad Equal.

About Orb - When planets form relationships such as trines, squares, oppositions etc, those relationships are called 'Aspects.' Orb refers to the range of degrees between any two planets when they are in Aspect to each other. In general, a big Orb of 10 degrees means that few people will be affected, whereas a small Orb of 3 degrees or less means it is more intense and significant and more people will be affected.

Solar Returns - also called Birthday Charts. Its the exact date and time when the Sun returns to the place it was in when you were born. This means that your true birthday may fall on the same date you were born, or it may fall the day before or after, depending when the Sun reaches the correct degree.

Common Myths about Astrology?

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