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Vedic (Vedanga) Astrology
Vedanga (Vedic Astrology)
Is the understanding of time and its relationship with human life. Also known as Jyotish, Indian Astrology and Hindu Astrology. It's the study of planets, stars, and the horizon.
  • Vargas (there are 16 Vargas or divisional charts)
  • Grahas (there are 9 Planets)
  • Rashis (Kalpurusha - the 12 Zodiac Signs, they correspond to parts of the body)
  • Bhavas (the Houses)
  • Nakshatras (the Lunar Mansions, one of 27 divisions of the sky, identified by the stars in them)
  • Dashs (the Planetary Periods, shows which planets are ruling at particular times)
  • Drishtis (the Planetary Aspects)
  • Gocharas (the Transits)
  • Yogas (the Planetary Combinations)
  • Dik Bala (the Directional Strength, Planets gain strength when they are placed in cardinal houses)
  • Lagna - the Ascendant (first moment of contact between the soul and new life)
  • Atmakaka - the soul signifier
  • Gandanta - the karmic Knot (the junction points in the natal chart where the solar and lunar zodiacs meet, and associate with times of soul growth)
  • Ayanamsa - the zodiac conversion (longitudinal difference between tropical and sideral zodiacs)
  • Moudhya - the combustion (planet that is in cojunction with the Sun)
  • Sade sati - the critical transit (transit of Saturn over the natal Moon)
Hindu Astrological almanac that follows traditional Indian Cosmology, and presents important astrological data in tabulated form.
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